Yamaha CVP 701 Star Buy

Hi, This weeks star buy is the superb Yamaha CVP 701.

This entry level CVP offers a fantastic array of features that will satisfy both pianists and keyboard players alike.

Starting with the 88 note GH3X keyboard it feels really nice to play, the keys are Graded Hammer so feel heavier on the left and lighter on the right as an acoustic piano would. The two main piano sounds are the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial samples, they both sound really good and very life like.

There are over 700 other sounds to choose from and 310 accompaniment styles, each with 4 variations, intro and ending. By using the OTS ( One Touch Setting ) feature, the piano will set itself up with suitable sounds for the style of play you have chosen.

The instrument boasts 256 note polyphony so you should never hear notes ‘clipping’ off, as they can do on some lesser instruments.

There is a 16 track recorder and USB audio recorder. The CVP 701 also has a 4.3” colour screen and microphone input.

There are many more features for you to discover on this great CVP product, come and hear it for yourself.

The rrp is £2831 but for a very limited time you can buy one from Roger’s Music for only £2199.

Hope to see you soon.

Sean. 0115 9795919.