Hi, This weeks featured instrument is the Yamaha EZ-220 a fantastic 61 key, touch sensitive keyboard with lighting keys.

Anyone can play this keyboard straight out of the box. Choose one of the 100 built in songs and away you go, just press the key that lights up and you will be playing a tune in no time.

By linking the keyboard to your i-pad you can display the music to the built in songs, it will even turn the page for you.

That’s not all, you don’t have to use the lighting key feature all the time, there are 100 backing styles each with intro and ending, and 392 sounds to choose from, you can turn the key lights off and enjoy playing this instrument like a regular keyboard. It even has an OTS (one touch setting ) where the keyboard chooses you a suitable sound for the rhythm style that you have selected, this makes it very easy to use.

For the piano player the keys are touch sensitive, so the harder you play the louder the sound, enabling you to get feeling and expression from your music, there is the portable grand button on the keyboard that instantly sets the keyboard to the piano setting. You can also plug in a sustain pedal.

This is a great little keyboard, often overlooked, my mum recently purchased one and she is getting on great with it, she really enjoys making music with very little musical knowledge.

The rrp of this keyboard is £214, at the moment I am selling them for £179 and including two music lessons with Nicola our in store teacher.

Come and see it for yourself.

Sean. 0115 9795919