At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking this organ looks complicated. There are 2 x 5 octave keyboards, 13 note pedal board, upper and lower drawbars and an array of buttons that cover most of the organ fascia. However there are some very nice ‘easy to use’ features that anyone can enjoy.

When you first turn the organ on it comes on as a really nice organ sound that is easy to adjust using the drawbars, to get the sound exactly how you like it. You could play for hours just using this initial setting.

Next, on the right hand side are 7 Automatic Organ settings, including Theatre Organ, Church Organ and Pro Combo. By selecting one of these 7 buttons the organ sets you 16 preset settings that are just right for the type of organ you have chosen. e.g. By choosing the Theatre Organ button you get such presets as, Tibia Ensemble, Sweet Tibia, Tibia and Vox, Cinema Reeds and Cinema Finale to name but a few. Church Organ presets feature, Chapel Organ, Solo Reed, Gospel Time, Cathedral Organ and many others. So at the push of just two buttons you can select one of many organ settings, all of which are very playable.

There are also many Orchestral and Special sounds all available at the touch of a button. If you want the Piano sound you press the Piano button, Trumpet button for Trumpet sound and so on, no menus to navigate.

If you enjoy playing with the rhythms, again just press the button for the one you want, press the Waltz button for the Waltz rhythm, simple. By pressing the Automatic Setup button, the organ instantly sets itself up for the rhythm style you have chosen, Auto Bass, Auto Chord, Tempo and a suitable sound are all set for you ready to play, my only gripe is that memory (or chord hold) is not selected so you have to press that yourself. To go a step further, each rhythm has an A B and C style and each of these has 3 variations all with Intro, Fill Ins and Ending so you should never be stuck for a suitable rhythm style for your song.

There are other features to this great organ but by using the easy presets that I have mentioned here you could play for years and still be finding something new.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the cost of this excellent condition pre owned organ, just £1399.

Come and give it a go for yourself, or call for more information. 0115 9795919.