Hi All, I am aware that there are all sorts of prices on line for the new Genos.

My price is £4100 and includes the speakers plus 5 x 1 hour lessons with Nicola, in store to help you get the most from the instrument, it is a different mode of operation compared to Tyros.

Regarding part exchanges,

Tyros 1 allowance £250

Tyros 2 allowance £400

Tyros 3 allowance £650

Because the margins are so small to compete with other dealers I am unable to take in Tyros 4 or 5, but will take in and sell on your behalf, taking a 20% commission. You can of course sell your Tyros privately, Ebay or Gumtree are a good place to start.

Hope to see you in the shop soon.


0115 9795919