Hi All, I now have in stock record players, so you can get out all your favourite vinyl records. The record players are compact and come in a case, playing all the speeds 45,33 1/3 and 78. They have built in speakers but also phono line out sockets to connect to a better amplifier. I have been connecting one to a Yamaha S970 through the input to the keyboard. The record now comes out of the keyboard speakers and of course you can play along too. If, like the S970 your keyboard or piano has an audio (.wav) recorder on board, you can put your record onto USB stick too.

The S970 also allows you to add effects to your record, like reverb and echo. The modern Yamaha CVP pianos will also do the same.

I played an original recording of Glenn Miller through the keyboard speakers, it was great to hear such classic songs complete with the scratches giving it a unique feel. There was something romantic about hearing a piece of music in a new (old) way, rather than the ultra clean sound of modern songs of today.

The record players are just £69.99.

Dig out your old vinyl or visit a charity shop to start your collection.

Call in for a chat and a cuppa or to have a listen to Glenn Miller.


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