Golden Oldie

Hi All, just thought you might like to see a blast from the past. One of my customers very kindly donated this to my collection. It is the Yamaha PS-55 from ( I think ) the early 1980’s. I can remember really wanting one, I thought the ‘hand clap’ sound in the rhythm section was amazing. I actually bought the Technics K200 instead, anyone got one of these to donate??

The PS-55 is still in perfect working order, and has been looked after really well. It is fun to play and brings back a lot of memories, of course none of the sounds are very authentic but it has a good disco rhythm ( with hand clap of course) and the organ sound is acceptable. I don’t know how much one cost back in the 80’s but my guess would be around £300, quite a lot of money back then. I know that I did a part exchange at Fox’s of my Hammond 123j organ for my Technics, much to the dismay of my mum.

It is fascinating to see how much keyboards have changed over the years but the basic principle is still the same, play chords with your left hand, use a suitable rhythm and play the melody with your right hand.

Feel free to come and have a go on the keyboard, it is on display upstairs in the shop, however not for sale!

If you have any Golden Oldie keyboards in working order, plug them in and have a bit of fun.

Don’t forget that Pre-owned sheet music is still half marked price here in the shop and I still have a couple of Yamaha CLP models at a discount price to make way for new stock.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Playing.