A Few More Tips

Are you struggling to keep the pages of your music book open on the music rest?

A simple solution is to use a couple of pegs on the corner of the book. Or another rather drastic way is to break open the book and put the individual pages in a ring binder, it will be a lot easier to manage. You could of course change your whole instrument to one that has the retaining ‘clips’ on the bottom of the music rest, most of the Yamaha CVP range have this feature.

Having difficulty learning a new piece of music?

Try slowing the tempo down to begin with, then speed up to the desired setting as you progress. Also try taking the song in small chunks, practising a stave at a time, then joining two together and so on until you have the whole piece cracked.

Problems reading music?

Don’t be put off by the many EZ play books that are available. They have the notes written on the music and are generally in large print. I have been playing for nearly 40 years and still use some of these books.

Of course you could try having some lessons too. Here at the shop, Nicola, is the in-store teacher. You can arrange a free trial lesson with her by calling 07525 711108 or 0115 9795919.

Don’t forget that as Christmas approaches some ordering times will lengthen, so if you are considering a new instrument, please come and see me as soon as possible. I have prices from £99 upwards, new and pre-owned. You can try them out at your leisure in my comfortable showroom.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Playing


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