A funny story.

I thought I’d cheer you all up on this rainy morning with a funny story.

A few years ago while working for Fox’s Music in the Victoria Centre, the ‘ Old Man Fox’ came to visit the shop. Of course we all tried to look busy so he would not come and talk to us, but he came to me and asked if I could get the RAC or any garage because he had a flat tyre. ‘Don’t worry Mr Fox, me and Dave can change that for you,’ I said enthusiastically.

So into the depths of the car park we went, to his huge Mercedes, as ‘big as a whale’, with Mrs. Fox sitting in the back. We set to work changing the wheel, getting very hot and very dirty, but we managed to do it. As we were closing the boot the back window opened and Mrs Fox called us to her, ‘I have something for you,’ she said. Me and Dave looked at each other, surely £20 at least, but no, it was a baby wipe! ‘To clean yourselves up,’ she said. What a disappointment.

Or there was the other time when we were doing a show and Roger let an acoustic piano fall off the back of the delivery lorry, or even the time I had an EL90 organ in the back of Rogers car. I put my foot on the accelerator to speed off, and the organ shot out of the back, smashing the window and making a mess of the organ.

What about the customer who came and asked for Batch Eds, on further investigation he wanted a bust of Bach. And being asked for left handed tambourines.

We all had a great time working together and serving you as customers. Have you got any funny stories about us that you would like to share.

Hope this has cheered your day.

Happy Playing


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