My Keyboard doesn’t sound like when it was demonstrated!

There really is no big secret to making your instrument sound like when it was demonstrated.

Of course I have been demonstrating for many years, and so can play a lot of songs from memory, but all you need to do is this. Choose a suitable rhythm backing for the song you want to play. i.e. 70’s Disco for the song ‘I will survive’. Then most Yamaha keyboards ( and CVP pianos) have a O.T.S (one touch setting) button or sound number 000. This is where the instrument will set you a sound or set of sounds that will go just right for the rhythm you have chosen.

Use the sync start button and press intro, play your first chord, let the intro play, then start playing your melody. Just as you finish the song press ending button to round off your piece.

A little trick is to play the song twice through, but on the second time press the transpose up button one time.

You will also find that some rhythms and intros sound just right for particular pieces of music. Spend time trying all the intros and rhythms, and make a note of the songs that come to mind for the backings. Of course you may have to visit your music store to buy the sheet music for those songs, or you could try to pick them out by ear.

So, choose a suitable backing for your piece of music, use O.T.S, intro and ending, try transpose button for the second play through. Do these things and you will be well on your way to sounding like the demonstrator.

Feel free to call me for any more on this. Also let me know if this has helped you.

Happy playing