JUNE 2015

This month I have reprinted an article from a few years ago but most of it is still relevant to all the current Yamaha models.

Anything you’re not sure of please give me a call.


I have been having fun this month finding all the new sounds and rhythms on the new Clavinova CVP500 series. One thing that has returned from previous models is the re-introduction of the RIGHT 1 and RIGHT 2 buttons, and this is what we will talk about this month.

I am using the TYROS 3 this time but, once again, this applies to most keyboards and Clavinova since 2000.

Have you ever sat down to play and you hear nothing at all, or, you change from one sound to another and the sound you are using stays the same? Then, read on.

If you hold the very top C key on the right hand side of your Tyros 3 as you switch it on, then you will be on the MAIN SCREEN with RIGHT 1 displaying LIVE GRAND PIANO, RIGHT 2 displaying LIVE STRINGS and RIGHT 3 displaying COOL ORGAN.LEFT will be displaying, GALAXY EP.

You can hold the top C key as you turn on most Yamaha instruments to bring them back to the same settings each time, but, it is a good idea to SAVE any REGISTRATIONS, SONGS etc that you may be working on, first.

OK, back to T3.

You will notice that in the PART SETTING section on the right hand side, only RIGHT 1 is lit orange and the green light above it should also be lit. If you play a note on the keyboard you will hear the PIANO.

If you turn off the RIGHT 1 button and turn on the RIGHT 2 button then you will hear the STRINGS and if you turn off the RIGHT 2 button and turn on the RIGHT 3 button then you will hear the ORGAN sound.

You will notice that the green light above each button will light up each time you change from 1 to 2 to 3 and the selected voice on the main screen will reverse colour.

You will hear no sound at all if none of the orange buttons are lit.

The green light will only be lit above one of the 3 RIGHT PART buttons at any time allowing you to change that sound only.

So, if you do try to change a sound while you are playing, always make sure that the GREEN light is lit above the part you want to alter.

If you are using the LEFT button and want to alter it’s sound, then make sure that the green light is lit above LEFT.

If you select the style BIGBAND MED 2, select the OTS LINK, and choose VARIATION 3, you will notice that all 3 parts are lit. RIGHT 1, RIGHT2 and RIGHT3.

Return to the MAIN SCREEN by pressing DIRECT ACCESS followed by EXIT. You will see that 3 SAXOPHONES have been selected.

If you want to change the SWEET JAZZ TENOR which is the RIGHT 2 sound, to say a CLARINET, then this is what to do.

Make sure that the GREEN light is lit above RIGHT 2, then simply press the FLUTE/CLARINET button in the voice section and choose your favourite clarinet sound.

You may want to alter the volumes of each part, so, press the BALANCE button and use the buttons or sliders under the screen to get the desired sound.

On some of the previous models, Yamaha have used the words DUAL which adds RIGHT 2 to RIGHT 1 and SPLIT which adds the LEFT sound. They use a little cursor on the main screen instead of the GREEN button. Simply press the button at the side of the MAIN screen for the sound you want to alter, you will see the cursor move, and you can then choose your sound from the VOICE section.

Best of luck, and, as always, give me a call if you get stuck. 07932 626585 or email roger.hagarty@ntlworld.com