Hello once again.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the daffodils are coming up.

I do think Spring has arrived. Fingers crossed!

At the end of the last workshop I mentioned playing the Clavinova as a piano across the whole keyboard while using a pre recorded chord sequence.

This time I am going to concentrate on using the Full Keyboard Mode.

FCM is enabled by pressing DIRECT ACCESS followed by ACMP button and then scrolling down to AI FULL KEYBOARD or FULL KEYBOARD mode.

This is a great feature which has been available on most Yamaha keyboards and Clavinova for many years.

It enables the piano player to take full advantage of the automatic accompaniment without having to hold a chord with the left hand or needing to have the Split point turned on.

I am using the CVP 409 this time but the same principle applies on all models.




Start by selecting the PIANO RESET button.

This will give you the default piano sound across the full keyboard.

Enable the AI FULL KEYBOARD or FULL KEYBOARD mode as described above.

Turn on the ACMP button.

Do not use the OTS LINK or ONE TOUCH SETTING buttons.

Select the LATIN STYLE button and choose BOSSA NOVA.


Press MIXING CONSOLE or, BALANCE on some models, and set the STYLE VOLUME to around 60.


As you play you will hear the DRUMS, BASS and other instruments backing your playing.

Remember that there are loads of piano sounds available to use in the GM  and XG folders. See article 2  April- May last year.

Try using DUAL MODE to mix another sound with the piano.

Strings, Choir or some of the Pad sounds work quite nicely, and remember to save your favourites to the REGISTRATION MEMORY buttons.

Press DIRECT ACCESS followed by EXIT to return to the MAIN screen.

As you play you will be able to see the CHORDS that are being recognised. This is how the instrument can work out what accompaniment parts to use.

Remember that the Clavinova is a very clever instrument but it is possible to catch it out when using this mode of playing. Yamaha have not yet made an instrument that knows what chord you are going to play NEXT, so, here are some ideas of how to use it to it’s best advantage.


Remember that CHORDS are made up of 3, 4, 5 or even more notes usually played at the same time, so, try to bear this in mind as you use the FULL KEYBOARD feature.

If you only play 2 notes at a time, for example, C and E, then this could be interpreted as the chord of C maj or A min or Fmaj7 or C6 or Amin7 etc.

Keep an eye on the CHORD symbol being recognised on the MAIN screen while you are using the STYLE.

The chord will not normally change until it recognises 3 or more notes being played at the same time so, it is possible to play a melody part with the right hand while maintaining the same chord pattern.

Press the CHANNEL ON/OFF button to access the STYLE PART page and try turning off parts of the accompaniment. This can be very effective.

I have put together a selection of REGISTRATIONS on USB stick, for the current range of instruments along with a few SONGS using FULL KEYBOARD mode called ROGERSTICK3


Just a reminder that ROGERSTICK1 and ROGERSTICK2 are now available for the new TYROS 5.

Have fun and enjoy your music till next time.