Book your place now to be involved with this unofficial attempt for the most people to be playing Chopsticks on as many pianos and keyboards as possible.

This is your chance to become famous and to be seen around the world on Utube.

WolfBear Media (A Video and Audio Production Company) present an opportunity to get involved in an “Unofficial World Record Attempt” for the most people playing chopsticks at the same time on a variety of different keyboards at “Roger’s Music Showrooms”.This will take place between 9.00 am and 11.00 am on Sunday July 24th 2011.We are looking for about 30 people to take part: all ages – all abilities. You will need to be able to play a simple chopsticks riff in 4/4 in time to a backing track which will be triggered from the Yamaha Tyros 4. It will be filmed as a story line briefly described as follows — There are one or two families looking at keyboards in Roger’s shop. Two parents are being shown a new keyboard by Roger when their daughter/son turns to another piano and starts playing chopsticks. Elsewhere in the shop another youngster decides to join in. Then a pre-recorded version of chopsticks with full accompaniment is activated and soon everyone in the shop is joining in all playing chopsticks together. It will be filmed with the effect that it has happened purely by chance. In reality it will be carefully planned out.In June the “backing track” will be made available on the internet as a practice aid. As the event has to be carefully planned we would look for a firm commitment, should you like to take part. If you are interested please have a word with Nicola or Roger.
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