Happy New Year.

Slightly late but never mind.

We will carry on with last month’s article.



1. From the same MIXING CONSOLE page, press the C or H button at the side of the screen to highlight the VOICE  section.

2. Having established which part you want to alter, for this example we will alter the melody which happens to be channel 4, see last magazine article, and press the upper 4 button under the screen.

3. You will now see the VOICE page and the currently selected sound for the melody part.

4. Choose any sound from the VOICE SECTION on the right of the instrument. I have chosen FRENCH MUSETTE.


6. Use the TAB or FORWARD/ BACK buttons to select CHANNEL.

7. Use the A/B cursor buttons on the side of the screen to highlight SETUP

8. Press EXECUTE and, after it says COMPLETED, press the SAVE button.

9. Once again you should be on the USER SONG page.

10. Press SAVE, give the song a new name, and press OK.


There are all sorts of things that can be changed within the MIXING CONSOLE pages.

Try altering the DRUM KIT voice which is usually track 10 or the BASS voice which is often track 2.

Try altering the EFFECT for any part or the FILTER or EQ.

Remember that you can turn the volume off completely for any part so that you could play the missing part yourself on the keyboard. See the last article on how to use the guide/teaching system to follow the lights.

Remember to save it as per the instructions above.


Hope you have fun with some of these ideas.

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Bye for now. Roger