Roger’s Music Page


This month I am going to have a look at Step Recording.

This is a great feature that has been on most of the Yamaha range for many years and is very easy to use.

Step Recording allows you to record a piece of music by entering each note or chord, one at a time, as slowly as you like.

I am using a CVP409 this month but the procedure is much the same across the range.

I am going to use the song HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN which is in the key of D minor in the book 101 HITS FOR BUSKERS. Book 4




1. Press REC and STOP at the same time in the SONG CONTROL section followed by the NO option on the screen to make sure you are ready to record a NEW SONG

2. Decide which rhythm you are going to use and select the OTS LINK button if you wish.

I find it is easiest to find the song title in the MUSIC FINDER first which will choose the best Rhythm and Sounds for the song.

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN uses the 6/8 SLOW ROCK rhythm.

3. Having found the song title in the MUSIC FINDER press ENTER.

4. Press FUNCTION and select DIGITAL REC MENU.


6. Use the TAB buttons to scroll across to CHORD

7. Now select STEP RECORD on the right of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen you will see four boxes representing 4 beats, 2 beats, 1 beat or ½ beat.

In the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN there are usually 2 chord changes for each bar so select the MINIM or 2 beat option, which is button 5 under the screen.

8. INTRO 2 lasts for 4 bars so play the chord of D min 8 times. This represents the 4 bar intro.

9. Now you simply play each chord one after the other. Dm  F  G  Bb  Dm  F  A7  A7  Dm  F  G  Bb  Dm  A7 Dm  F  G  Bb  Dm  A7  Dm etc etc

10. If a chord lasts for a whole bar, as in the case of A7, you can simply enter it twice as a MINIM or change the box under the screen, to represent a SEMIBREVE (4 beats) before playing the chord.

Remember to change it back to MINIM as you enter the rest of the chords.

11. It is a nice idea to change the variation of the Rhythm Section every 8 or 16 bars.

Simply press buttons A B C or D before entering your next chord.

12. When you get to the last bar, press the ENDING button first, then your last chord.

13. Press the STOP button in the SONG CONTROL section followed by the PLAY button.

You should now hear the Clavinova play back the chord sequence for your song along with any of the ABCD variations you made in the style.


Next month we will look at how to SAVE the song.

See you all next time

Kind Regards