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  Hello once again.
Thank you for all your calls and emails about the last article. I hope I have been able to answer all your questions.
This month I will continue my article on using MIDI files as it seems quite a lot of you use them.
 I now use a projector in the store, positioned above the Tyros, which can be used to display the words and the music from your MIDI files onto the wall or a suitable screen.
Just plug a lead into the VIDEO OUT socket or the RGB OUT socket.
You can also use it to display all your digital photos from your computer or camera and, plug in a TV aerial and it becomes a television with remote control.
Isn’t technology wonderful. All this for just £295.
It will work with lots of the previous models of keyboard and Clavinova providing you have the VIDEO OUT or RGB OUT sockets.
Sometimes when using your MIDI files you may want to alter various things.
Last time we looked at altering the key of the song and saving it back in the new key.
What if you want to alter the speed.


1. Select your song in the normal way from USER, USB, HARD DRIVE or FD.
2. Press DIGITAL RECORDING or DIGITAL RECORD MEMORY which is behind the FUNCTION button on the new CVP400 series models.
3. Select SONG CREATOR and use the TAB or FORWARD / BACK buttons to select the CHORD page.
4. Use the A/B cursor buttons on the left of the screen to highlight the TEMPO option.
5. Turn the DATA ENTRY dial to select your desired speed.
6. Press the EXPAND button on the right of the screen and select the YES option.
7. After a few seconds, press the SAVE button on the right of the screen.
8. You should now be on the USER SONG page.
9. Press SAVE again, under the screen this time.
10. You should find that the original name of the song will be displayed in the TEXT box, so, just add the new speed to the beginning or end of the name, ie “MY WAY125”
11. Press OK
Sometimes, when using MIDI files, there is an annoying instrument playing the melody part which you would like to get rid of, or, at least, turn down a bit.


1. Select the song you want to alter.
2. Press MIXING CONSOLE. You may have to press it several times to display the SONG CH1-8 page. Use the TAB buttons to select the VOL/VOICE page. Here you can alter the volume of each part of the song.
3. Press button E or J to highlight the VOLUME section, and then, while listening to the song, move the sliders under the screen to adjust the volume of each part.
4. While on this page, you may want to alter the VOICE being used for any of the parts of the song. Lets try altering the MELODY part to an ACCORDION.

We will look at this aspect next month.

Kind Regards