Hello again.

Following on from July  article on VIRTUAL  MULTIPADS


                           THIS IS WHAT TO DO.


1 Select a rhythm. I have used Country 2-4

2 Turn on ACMP button.

3 Select OTS link

4 Play a simple Major chord with your left hand in the Accompaniment section.

5 Press CHANNEL ON/OFF button once or twice, to display STYLE on the screen.

6 Using the 8 lower buttons under the screen, you can now turn ON or OFF each part of the ACMP.

There are 2 for the Rhythm, 1 for Bass and 5 for all the other parts of the Accompaniment.

7 Listen to the parts disappearing and reappearing as you turn ON or OFF the 8 lower buttons.

8 Now turn off all the parts except for button 4.

While playing a chord, you should now only be able to hear a guitar strumming. Rather like MULTI PADS.

9 Try adding buttons 5 6 7 and 8 while playing different chords.

Button 3 will bring the BASS player back in, while buttons 1 and 2 will bring the DRUMMER back in.

Remember to save your favourites into the REGISTRATION MEMORY buttons and include a suitable sound for the right hand.

You will have loads of fun with this, and remember, it will work on all the rhythms, not just on a limited number of them.

It will also work on most of the keyboard range since 2000.

I have put together a selection of 10 lots of 8 this month for CVP307, CVP309, the current CVP400 series, TYROS 1/2 and TYROS 3, S700 and S900.

That’s a total of 80 NEW REGISTRATIONS.

Available now.

Once again, anything you’re not sure of, email me on or 07932626585


Have fun and see you next time.