Yes, the long awaited YAMAHA CVP 400 SERIES DVD’s and CD Tutorials are now available to buy from ROGER’S MUSIC

CVP Clavinovas Made Easy+ 400 Series
Price: £49.99 (Including VAT and POSTAGE)

Multi CD and DVD Tutorial Set for Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano CVP400 series models.

The eagerly awaited tutorial for the Yamaha CVP401, CVP403, CVP405, CVP407 and CVP409 Clavinova is now available.

From learning how to save & organise registration banks through to enjoying features such as drawbars or creating your own rhythm styles, this new tutorial set is a must have for CVP 401, CVP 403, CVP 405, CVP407 and CVP 409 Clavinova owners.

A step by step (button by button) tutorial on how to operate the fabulous Yamaha CVP400 series Clavinovas. Detailed spoken word audio instruction and separate visual demonstrations.

This beautifully presented boxed set comprises of seven spoken word audio CDs, two DVD’s and a booklet containing a 3 week lesson plan plus tips and references.

The 2 x DVDs are normal DVDs and in (NTSC format, region free). The 7 x CDs in this tutorial set are normal audio CDs.

How does the course work?

1. Follow the lesson timetable in the enclosed booklet.
2. Watch a DVD video lesson demonstration first.
3. Then “it’s time for you to have a go” with the step by step spoken word audio / CD instruction, where you’ll be guided through each lesson button by button & will literally learn by doing without visual distraction.

Who is it suitable for?

The tutorial set is suitable for complete beginners right the way through to intermediate/advanced users. The start of this tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of the CVP 400 series Yamaha Clavinova.

The DVD video lesson demonstrations include Clavinova screen images (from the CVP409 model) for your convenience. The spoken word CD audio instruction is clear and at a pace that is easy to follow, with plenty of pauses for you to carry out examples.

The video content of the DVD discs contained within this tutorial set has been produced in NTSC standard. We have opted for this standard to make this tutorial set accessible to keyboard owners across the world.

The majority of PAL DVD players will play NTSC discs without any difficulty at all. If you do find that you cannot view/play the DVD in your DVD player/television, it may be possible to play these in a computer.

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