JUNE 2009

This month I am going to explain how to
This should appeal to all of you again as this feature has been on Yamaha Keyboards and CVP Clavinova since the turn of the century. Nine years now, where did the time go?


As you know there are four OTS available for each rhythm.
They are programmed by Yamaha at the factory and usually they match the rhythm perfectly.
However, you may sometimes find that they are not exactly what you would choose yourself.
Having grown up with the old electric organs I love that type of sound, as I know so many of you do, and here I will try to explain the way that I alter the OTS into Organ sounds.

1 First choose a style that you would like to alter ie RHUMBA
2 If you then go to the main screen by pressing the DIRECT ACCESS button followed by the EXIT button, and press each of the OTS buttons in turn, you will be able to see what sounds have been pre programmed by Yamaha.
3 Press iether of the ORGAN buttons and choose one of the sounds available. ie JAZZ ORGAN or ROTOR ORGAN.
4 Remember you could mix 2 or even 3 organ sounds on Tyros together to get just what you want by using the RIGHT 1, RIGHT 2, RIGHT 3 or DUAL buttons.
5 I like to turn on the LEFT or SPLIT button and add a quieter organ sound for the left hand to play.
6 Having got the sound you want, press the MEMORY button followed by OTS button 1.
7 Press button F by the screen to confirm.
8 Now press the EXIT button.
9 Now choose the sounds for OTS 2 , press the MEMORY button followed by OTS button 2
10 Press button F by the screen to confirm.
11 Now press the EXIT button.
12 Do the same for OTS 3 and OTS 4.
13 When you have done OTS 4, press button F to confirm the change but this time press SAVE under the screen instead of EXIT.
14 You can now name your new set of OTS settings which will appear in the USER section of the STYLES.

Don’t be afraid of losing your original OTS as they will still be ready to use.

Your new OTS can be copied, deleted, pasted or renamed in the same way as Songs or Registrations can.

Don’t forget to use the OTS LINK button if you want each of the four rhythm variations buttons to automatically choose the correct OTS button.

I have created new Organ OTS settings for S900 ,S700, TYROS1, TYROS 2,TYROS 3, CVP300 SERIES and of course CVP400 SERIES
I have also tried them on one of the CVP200 series and they seem to work fine.

I have chosen 10 of the most popular rhythms and created 4 OTS for each.
A total of 40 new OTS.
These are the rhythms I have used.
I would suggest that you use the BALANCE button or MIXING CONSOLE button and turn the STYLE volume down to about 70.
Remember that if you use the FREEZE button, you can then use any of these new OTS with any rhythm you choose.

I have recorded a demo song for each of the 10 styles to give you an idea of how to use them.

For a copy of these on disc or USB stick please email me on my usual address.

Don’t forget to check out the shop video.
See you next month.