This follows on from last month’s article.


Having found all these new sounds it is a good idea to put all your favourites in the same place so that they are easy to find when you next want them.

You can do this in several ways.

Here we will use the USER MEMORY.

We will use some of the Honky Tonk pianos as an example.

Select your first sound from the GM&XG folder {Honkytonk}

Press COPY under the screen followed by OK.

Now use the TAB buttons top right of the screen to select the VOICE USER page.

These buttons were called BACK & NEXT on some of the previous models, but, either way you will find the VOICE USER page.

Now simply press the PASTE button under the screen.


Go back and find all the other Piano sounds that you want, and COPY them into the USER page.


To keep the USER page tidy, it is a good idea to put similar sounds into the same folder.


This is what to do.


Press the  FOLDER button under the USER page and then hold the DELETE button to erase the previous name. (New Folder)

You can now type in the name of your new folders. ie PIANOS, ORGANS, GUITARS etc.

You can add as many folders as you like.

Press OK each time.

The folders will appear on the USER screen.

Now you can use the CUT and PASTE buttons to put the sounds neatly into the folders.


This is what to do.


Press the CUT button under the USER screen.

Select all the sounds that you want to put into the folder by pressing the buttons at the side of the screen.

Now press OK.

The sounds that you have chosen will go pale in colour.

Now press the button next to your pre named folder. ie PIANOS

Press PASTE and all your sounds are safe in the new folder.

A Honky Tonk piano is not a real instrument but is the name given to the old fashioned, out of tune, upright piano.


A good way of making your own Honky Tonk piano sounds is to mix together two different piano sounds and to knock one of them out of tune.


This is what to do.


First choose a piano sound as your main sound. Right 1.

Now turn on Right 2, or the Dual button on some models and select another piano sound.

You should now be able to hear two pianos at the same time as you play the keyboard.

To alter the tuning of just one of the pianos you need to press the button marked, Mixing Console.

There are 6 pages here, 7 on the Tyros.

Use the TAB or BACK / NEXT buttons to open the TUNE PAGE.

Press Button J to highlight the TUNING row.

And then press buttons 6 or 7 under the screen several times.

This will knock one of the pianos out of tune.

You can experiment with different combinations of piano sound and also try using Button I which will allow you to change the Octave of each sound.

Don’t forget to store your Honky Tonk piano sounds into the Registration memory.

Just press the Memory Button, followed by one of the Reg Memory buttons 1-8.                              

Please email me if you don’t understand any of the article.


                                                        Have fun              Roger