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Hello again.

I do hope that you found my first article on the disk drive useful.

Having made a few enquiries with Yamaha, it is very easy to add a drive to the new CVP 400 series Clavinova, with the correct bracket to hold it on, for about £50.


One of the regular questions that come up at my weekly seminars is how to access all the lovely sounds on Clavinova, Tyros and of course all the other models that use the same operating system.

PSR2000, 1000, 2100, 1100, 1500, 3000 and the current models PSR700 and PSR900.


I am using a CVP309 this month to explain some of the tricks.

One of my regular customers came in the other day.

He has had a CVP309 for 3 years and wanted to play some Scott Joplin music using a selection of piano sounds including Honky Tonk Piano.

He was quite amazed when I showed him how to more than double the number of available sounds he thought he had.


This is how to find the extra 480 sounds.


Press any of the voice buttons. Piano, Trumpet, Organ etc.

Press the upper 8 button under the screen marked UP.

N.B. On Tyros 1 and earlier CVP it was the lower button 8.

Now select page 2 under the screen. P2.

You will now see a couple of folders called GM&XG and GM2

Press the button next to GM&XG.

You will now see a couple of pages of folders similar to what you are used to, but in a different order.

Press the button next to Piano.

You will now see nearly 40 extra Piano sounds including Harpsichord, Electric Piano, Clavichord and, of course, some more Honky Tonk piano sounds.

Press the UP button again to return to all the folders in the GM&XG folder

Try opening other folders such as the Organ folder.

Here you will find nearly 40 great old organ and accordion sounds.


Having found all these new sounds it is a good idea to put all your favourites in the same place so that they are easy to find when you next want them. We will look at that next time.


                        Have fun

                   See you next time